General Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

a. General Terms and Conditions
GB DRIVERS MARKET, Munich, Germany operates a luxury platform for various luxury products based around the luxury car market. GB DRIVERS MARKET offers their sellers various services for placing advertisements and connecting them with the buyers.

b. Validity and scope of the Terms & Conditions
These Terms & Conditions and the provisions declared legally determined outside these Terms and Conditions, particularly relating to prices, shall govern the contractual relationship between GB DRIVERS MARKET and its Customers. The Terms and Conditions shall apply to the use of the platform by the Customer and to all services provided for the Customer by GB DRIVERS MARKET in connection with the platform. The Customer Terms & Conditions shall not apply to the contract between GB DRIVERS MARKET and the Customer.

c. GB DRIVERS MARKET's position
GB DRIVERS MARKET is involved as an agent to create a relationship between the Seller and the Buyer and acts as the operator of the platform. The platform allows Sellers to contact the content management team of GB DRIVERS MARKET if they want to sell products over the platform and for Buyers to except the listings on the platform. Contracts between the Seller and Buyers are arranged by GB DRIVERS MARKET, but GB DRIVERS MARKET will not be involved for any further meeting s between the Seller and the Buyer.

2. Relationship with Customer

a. Customer base
Both commercial and private persons can sell products over GB DRIVERS MAREKT.

Commercial and Private persons have to contact GB DRIVERS MARKET with all the information needed by GB DRIVERS MARKET to form a contract between the platform and the seller.

Minors and persons who are not able to act on their own behave may use the Platform if their parents agree to letting them use the platform.

b. Concluding the contract
The contract between GB DRIVERS MARKET and the Seller regarding use of the platform will be concluded as soon as:
i. The Seller has sent a signed form to GB DRIVERS MARKET to set up a contract.
ii. GB DRIVERS MARKET has accepted this form.

c. illegal activity
Illegal activities such as the use of software, scripts, or any other documents that could damage or interfere with the running of the platform are strictly prohibited.

GB DRIVERS MARKET may request any Customer involved in any of the above-mentioned activities to delete any data obtained in such way. Also, GB DRIVERS MARKET holds the right to claim any damages.

d. Termination of the contractual Relationship
i. Private and Commercial listings
Private Listings will be able to be booked over any period of time. Once the time has passed GB DRIVERS MARKET reserves the right to take the listing offline or automatically renew the listing depending on the contract.

Commercial Listings will only be able to be booked for an already specified time period, but it can also be automatically renewed once the time has passed depending on the contract.

ii. Termination by GB DRIVERS MARKET
GB DRIVERS MARKET may terminate contracts for good cause at any time without notice. Examples of such good causes include breach by the Customer of these Terms and Conditions, violation of the rights of other GB DRIVERS MARKET customers and because of activities by the Customer that could damage the image of GB DRIVERS MARKET. The customer may not make any claims regarding the termination by GB DRIVERS MARKET without notice. The fee for the services used by the Customer will still exist and is not refundable.


a. Listings
i. Listings for Commercial Sellers
When a commercial seller contacts us, the seller will be able to select a listing package and also an already specified length in which the listing will be kept online.
If the Customer will not contact us 10 days before the time period passes the listing will be either renewed or taken offline depending on the contract.

ii. Service packages for Private Sellers
When a private seller contacts us, the seller will be able to select a listing package and also a time period in which the listing will be kept online.
If the Customer will not contact us 10 days before the time period passes the listing will be either renewed or taken offline depending on the contract.

4. Customer Payments

a. Payment Fees
i. Fees
The fees for the listing packages for commercial sellers and private sellers will be sent to Sellers per email after the Sellers have contacted us about selling a product on our platform. The fees for Private Sellers are inclusive if VAT and the fees for commercial sellers are exclusive of VAT.

The fees exist of two parts:

  • The fixed fee for the listing package;
  • The extra fee for any other services chosen by the seller, which are provided by GB DRIVERS MARKET.

ii. Methods
Private and Commercial sellers may be able to pay through PayPal and if authorised by GB DRIVERS MARKET also through bank to bank transfer or by cash. The seller is required to always make sure that they have the funds needed to pay for the payment.

Once the payment details of a commercial seller are stored the details will be used to automatically renew the previous listing package unless the product is sold, or the seller has cancelled the listing package.
b. Responsibility for the content of Listings
When a seller wants to publish a listing, the seller will have to contact us and once the seller has contacted us, we will send him a list of information/content that we need to publish the listing.

c. Responsibility in connection with personal data
Any seller that wants to sell something on our platform is required to delete all the contact details he got from the buyer after the sale has gone through.

d. Deletion of Listings
GB DRIVERS MARKET may delete a listing for a product if the product listed is later found out to be fake or in really bad condition. This will happen without notice but the fees for posting the Listing will still exist. This will also apply if a claim against the seller appears.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The seller is responsible to make sure that all the images made of the products they sell over our platform are images they made themselves. If the seller doesn’t own all the rights of the images for a listing this could lead to the seller being banned from our platform and sometimes the seller even has to pay an extra fee if he doesn’t own all the rights for the content in a listing.

6. Liability

a. Generaly
GB DRIVERS MARKET is only liable for direct damage or loss caused by GB DRIVERS MARKET and its employees. Notwithstanding the above or mandatory statutory regulations or any other liability on the part of GB DRIVERS MARKET can lead to serious consequences to GB DRIVERS MARKET.

b. Technical faults, maintenance and limitations of capacity
GB DRIVERS MARKET makes every effort to keep the platform running at all times. If any maintenance, security or capacity issues pop up, GB DRIVERS MARKET reserves the rights to temporarily restrict the publishing of listings.

c. No liability for the content on the platform
Most of the content on GB DRIVERS MARKET comes from external sellers, so GB DRIVERS MARKET isn’t liable for all of the content on GB DRIVERS MARKET. However, GB DRIVERS MARKET is liable for all the content that does come from GB DRIVERS MARKET.

d. Customer’s liability for breaches of contract; indemnification
The customer shall be liable to GB DRIVERS MARKET for any damages caused by culpable breaches of contract. The customer will have to pay any fees that are relevant when the customer breaches a contract.

7. Data Protection and Data Security

The ways in which GB DRIVERS MARKET deals with the protection and security of data is available at this link:

8. Miscellaneous

a. Transfer of the contract, rights or obligations
GB DRIVERS MARKET is entitled to transfer the contract, rights or obligations to a third party if needed for the running of the platform or if needed to sell a product. Of course, the Customer will be asked if they are okay with the transfer of the contract.

b. Offsetting
The customer shall not be entitled to offset amounts due to him against amounts due to GB DRIVERS MARKET.

c. Requirements for written form
Agreements that differ from these Terms & Conditions shall only be valid if GB DRIVERS MARKET has agreed to them in writing.

d. Changes to the Terms & Conditions, prices of the Platform
GB DRIVERS MARKET reserves the rights to change the platform as much as they want to. However, changes to the price will only affect sellers of products on GB DRIVERS MARKET if the contract has run out or is being renewed.

e. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
The contract between the customer and GB DRIVERS MARKET is subject solely to German law.